IIS has a wide network of strategic partners with whom it regularly teams to pool resources and deliver large or complex projects.

TCG Group of Companies

IIS is part of the TCG Group of companies, a group of independent, mutually supportive private enterprises that have been in operation since 1971, TCG® operates in five strategic areas - services, computers & communications, business accelerators & technology parks, land & food and the environment.


Trustworks360 Pty Ltd is part of the TCG Group of companies and is a thought leadership advisory group established to facilitate a collaborative dialogue and encourage action to address online identity issues across business and government.

Global Access Partners (GAP)

IIS partners with Global Access Partners, a proactive and influential network which initiates high-level discussions at the cutting edge of the most pressing commercial, social and global issues of today, such as identity management, new approaches to privacy and trust in the information age and cloud computing.

Open Forum

Open Forum is an independent collaborative think-tank built around an interactive discussion website hosted and moderated by Global Access Partners (GAP). It provides a platform for focused dialogue on social, political, economic, ecological and cultural issues and challenges. Blogs include Privacy and Trust, and Open Government to which IIS is a regular contributor.

Rutnam Advisory

Rutnam Advisory has pioneered an inter disciplinary approach to problem solving that creates value through the realisation of strategy. We partner with clients and their teams to translate their strategic intent into the outcomes they had envisaged. We provide a range of services to support people and business going through change, including amongst others, post-acquisition, internal re-organisations and renewals. We have individually worked in some of the largest organisations in our respective fields. We offer services that not only complement each other but are also tailored to fit with your needs. We partner with you adding value through integrated solutions that meet your goals and importantly we transfer our skills and knowledge to you and your team so that they are not just 'change ready' they embrace change at every opportunity in the future.

Center for Information Policy Leadership

The Center for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL) is a member-driven organisation that operates within the Privacy and Information Management practice at Hunton & Williams LLP, developing initiatives that encourage responsible information governance in today's digital society. IIS regularly contributes to CIPL's policy discussions, has been an invited participant in a number of projects and also partners with Hunton & Williams LLP, extending the global reach of both parties.

Verizon Business

Verizon Business delivers communication and information solutions over wireless, broadband and global IP networks. IIS partners with Verizon Business in addressing privacy issues in global businesses.


Venturenauts helps businesses and governments accelerate business opportunities and solve problems. It helps create and build successful businesses, working with investors and management and helps develop business enabling policy and regulatory environments, working with ministers and executives. IIS partners with Venturenauts in providng privacy services and advice for Australian and global businesses.

Pacific Research Pty Ltd

Pacific Research specialises in transit and EFT/retail payment systems security, systems and applications architecture services and provides consulting, design, audit and support services. IIS provides specialist privacy services in joint projects.

Privacy & Information Management Services

Privacy & Information Management Services is a law firm specializing in the design of business-oriented privacy and security compliance solutions for information industry and information-dependent companies. IIS provides specialist privacy services in joint projects.